1.5L small stainless steel ice bucket with interlayer

1.5L stainless steel ice bucket with interlayer, single layer is as good as double layer. Integrated S.S. body, no welding scar, water-tight and easily cleaned.

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1-ss-ice-bucket-from-vigorous 1-3l-5l-7l-stainless-steel-ice-bucket-metal-bucket-pangxiequan.com ice-bucket-size

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2-3l-5l-7l-stainless-steel-ice-bucket-metal-bucket-pangxiequan.com   multiple-surface-treatment-2 factory-profile inspection-certification

Package: Each one packed in a box, 8 boxes in a carton.

MOQ: To growing with our customer, we can accept small order right now! More bigger quantity, the price is more cheaper.

Payment : 30% deposit by T/T , paypal, Western Union or Bank Transfer before production , 70% before shipping.


Shipping method : we can help you export the goods , send by air /by sea /by express (DHL ,UPS ,TNT ,FedEx ect. )


After Sales Service: If you find any problem after received the goods, pls take picture to us for reference, we will find out the reason and resend some new products to you.


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